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What is Circle of Bakes?

"Circle of Bakes" is a group of Baking Enthusiasts.

Baking, which is a unique combination of science and art, is never fully understood.  It is also very difficult to receive continuous mentoring from professional, qualified and experience bakers from the industry.  Such situation makes a baker anxious and so, because they are unaware that many other bakers are ready to help.

After all, the consumers maintain a very high level of trust on bakers, who operate from their home kitchens and collectively, it becomes a responsibility to help each other with encouragement, tips, tricks, ideas, and guidance.

At "Circle of Bakes", our members interact on WhatsApp groups and benefit from peer-reviews and daily discussions.

Like to become a member?

Here's what you have to do:

a) Pay a nominal subscription fee

b) Receive a profiling questionnaire from the admins.

c) Fill & Submit the questionnaire.

d) Receive Membership Certificate and a link to join WhatsApp group "Circle of Bakes"

e) BONUS - receive a ₹ 99/- discount code, which can be redeemed to purchase baking ingredients from the website.

* This process can take up to one working day, after receipt of payment.

Changed your mind?

No worries. We shall refund full subscription fee, should you change your mind within 15 days of joining the group.  All products and services of Blue Ingredients are covered with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

So, what are the rules?

Once you join, you shall have to abide by below rules.  Failing to abide would result in being removed temporarily or permanently from the group.

1⃣ We are all Baking Enthusiasts and very passionate about baking!!
2⃣ We generally encourage the brilliant work of other bakers.
3⃣ We are all keen learners and appreciate receiving tips, tricks and guidance from other members.
4⃣ We limit our discussions to topics relating to baking only and few common aspects of a Baker's life.
5⃣ The group is hosted by Blue Ingredients Private Limited and reserves all its group admin rights
6⃣ Make sure you have a verified account on company's website
7⃣ Post any specific query about company's product, as direct message to the admin.
8⃣ No political/racial/religious talks, or any personal remarks on other members, or abusive language

Ready for Action?

Let's Go!!


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