52 Pcs/Set Cake Decorating Tools Nozzle Pastry For Cream Turntable Cake Stand Piping Nozzle Set Pastry-Bags Cake-Knife Tools

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Bullet Points:

1、Material: plastic, stainless steel
2、Uses: DIY cake baking
3、Our cake making set has 52 pieces, providing you with all the tools you need for baking cakes.
4、Suitable for cakes of all sizes and to help you decorate the cake perfectly
5、The material is green and environmentally friendly. The plastic and stainless steel are BPA free, safe and secure.

Material: plastic, stainless steel
Uses: DIY cake baking

1*Cake turntable
36*Decorating piping nozzle
2*Flower nails
1*Translucent scraper
1*Triangular cleaning brush
1*Flower scissors
1*Cake pen syringe
1*Straight spatula
1*Triangular spatula
2*12"Pastry bags

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