1. Extension of freshness & reduction of breakage
  2. Improvement of freeze-thaw stability
  3. Clean labeling without E numbers

Located in Germany CFF GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for the development, production and worldwide sales of natural dietary fibres. Founded in 1977 CFF distributes fibres from Gehren into more than 70 countries around the world.

Insoluble fibres

  • SANACEL® – powder cellulose
  • SANACEL® wheat – wheat fibre
  • SANACEL® oat – oat fibre
  • SANACEL® bamboo – bamboo fibre 

Fibres that naturally contain parts of soluble and insoluble fibres

  • SANACEL® AF – apple fibre
  • SANACEL® pot – potato fibre
  • SANACEL® betaG – barley fibre rich in beta glucan

Dietary fibre blends – technological multi-talents

  • SANACEL® add

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