Scope of Management Consultancy

As management consultants, we practice and help our clients to improve their performance by early identification of new business ideas and also by solving existing organisational problems. The specific nature of every situation is the limitation to transfer ‘best practices’ from industry to an organisation. Hence, it is critically important to assist our clients through change management, developing coaching skills, analysing business processes, development of operational strategies and many more.

When you choose to be our client, our services on management consultancy will cover below business requirements.

1. Business Idea Feasibility Studies.

Before our clients develop a business, it is advised to determine the viability of the idea. The feasibility studies that cover the financial, marketing and technical aspects of the idea will also simulate a pilot testing of the model in real life scenario.

2. Goal Setting.

We help our clients determine top 5 organisational goals and the subsequent 5 year Business Action Plan through GOSPA (Goals Objectives Strategies Plans Action) model. This exercise focuses the organisational attention away from goal irrelevant activities. The outcome of this goal setting activity is crucial for “clarity of purpose” communications.

3. Risk Analysis & Problem Solving.

With the use of scientific and generic methods in an orderly manner, it is possible to analysis the internal and external risks involved in the food business. Our clients can solve many problems by overcoming the barriers of conformational bias, mental set, unnecessary constrains and unnecessary information.


We are a team of experts in Food Technology, Business Management and Workforce Planning, with the passion to achieve results for our clients. We connect global expertise of food ingredient manufacturers with the best practices of food manufacturers. We offer various consultancy services to our client namely the management, strategic, new product development, marketing research, sales and business development, human resource planning and many more. For enquiries, please write to

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  • N.Adimurthy

    I have worked 24 years in M/s nutrine confectionery co., Ltd in production,quality control,Research &Development and vast experience in food industries.Now I am working in M/S Rajkumar Impex Pvt Ltd cashew nuts prod as Asst.,General Manager in chittoor .I am very much interesting to join in your group as management consultant and motivate the people through management systems.

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