Indian startup Blue Ingredients hits the first milestone of 5,000 early customer

Anand, Jan 16, 2020ย  - A leading startup in the food industry, Blue Ingredients Private Limited announced today that now is the best time to be a Home Baker. The company marks a milestone by acquiring the first 5,000 customers. Over the past 12 months, the company has been providing a range of baking premixes, cake sprinkles, chocolate & cocoa products to baking enthusiasts. Predominantly selling through its own website and, the company plans to now aggressively expand its range of products and distribution channels in the next 12 months.

Nikhil Kapoor

"First 5,000 customers mean a lot to Blue Ingredients", said Nikhil Kapoor, the founder, and director. "Today serves an astounding testament to our vision to help our customers, Enjoy Baking at Home. With this, we are closer to achieving our target of 100,000 direct customers in the next 5 years. Without the combined efforts of our vendors, employees, family, friends, my personal mentors and our commitment to excellence, this would not be possible."

Until recent years, large industrial or artisan baking has been dominated by large food companies, food chains, food scientists or professional chefs. Though an average middle-class Indian consumes 5 Kg of Baked Goods per capita, almost all come from not-at-home baking. Birthday cakes are still the hero element of every birthday party and are common to be gifted one from office colleagues, best friends, family, and kids.

However, as the need for clean and home-cooked food is gaining dominance, many cases of food safety are concerning. Every consumer is also concerned about balancing between indulgence with proper nutrition.

In parallel, baking at home is growing very fast in India. Baking is both a science and art, and Indian baking enthusiasts are acquiring these skills very fast. For Indian bakers, this generally starts as a liking to cook or need to serve healthy nutrition to kids and family. With encouragement from family and friends, the baker soon experiments more with recipe tweaks and gets more artisan.

This is where products of Blue Ingredients come to help. Baking mixes add speed to the preparation time and consistency in the outcome. Ingredients like whip cream premix and cake sprinkles are used to decorate the bake and make it more attractive to become the hero element of the birthday party.

To be on top of the latest topics with home bakers, Blue Ingredients has brought together its esteemed customers in the form of few WhatsApp groups and takes pride in the amazing bakes prepared by its customers. Many customers also post their bakes on Instagram and Facebook, using some hashtags namely #BlueIngredients #EnjoyBakingAtHome #BakeInBlack #EasyWhip #CakeSprinkles #CocoaPowder and more.

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To mark the accomplishment of 5,000 early customers, Blue Ingredients will continue its focus on Home Baker - community building and social media influence as its core channel for generating sales traction. Later this year, the company plans to reach more customers by listing it products on more marketplaces and distribution channels.

Nikhil Kapoor, the founder of Blue Ingredients Private Limited derives his credibility from above 12 years of work experience in techno-commercial roles with reputed ingredient companies, namely Cargill, Givaudan, Mane, Kemin, and Calpro. He is a food technologist by qualification and 4th in the generation of the family's food business.

Blue Ingredients Private Limited was founded in Apr-2018 and started as a trading company, with opportunities of selling bulk food ingredients to large food corporations. The company later took a pivot of its customer segment and is now known for its baking mixes, cake sprinkles, cocoa, and chocolate products. They have built a stellar reputation among home bakers, by providing healthy, natural and safe ingredients.

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