Lease a Sales Rep: Top 5 reasons to outsource your Sales Team

It is fairly a new idea in Food Ingredient Industry to outsource your company’s sales efforts, but it is more than just a trend. It is a money and time saving game-changer and it is becoming quite a popular solution. Do you want to know why?

1. Best Infrastructure and Sales Training. Outsourced sales team is managed by a company who do this all day, every day. So, the team builds a sales pipeline that can be maintained and passed to your company and can serve as the foundation for success in the years to come.

2. Time Saving and Speed to Market. The company that manages your outsourced sales team has the resources ready, to get your team hired and trained for market much faster. The team also operates at peak of their efficiency and reduces the time to see the desired results.

3. Talent Access and Sales Expertise. By training the sales teams to sell a variety of food ingredients, a diverse array of experience and viewpoints are created in the team. Instead of building competence organically, you can count on our access to such talent and expertise.

4. Lower Cost and Risk. Operational inefficiencies like attrition, changes in priority and missing skills are known to impact bottom line. Never mind the cost to hire, train and retain top talent. Outsourced sales team brings in a safety net of responsibility to focus on the sales pipeline and detect and diagnose any deficiencies at each stage of business development.

5. Alternative Growth Strategy. With the limits on fund, space, capital or long-term need to hire, train and retain an in-house sales team, outsourcing the team is a great growth strategy. Also, because this investment with result incremental sales, it is a good bet too.


There are so many wonderful reasons to outsource your sales team and a reputable company like THE BLUE INGREDIENT CO. can help you hire, train and deploy a sales team more quickly and at a lower cost and risk, than if you had to do it on your own. Let THE BLUE INGREDIENT CO. be your sales partner.

Choose from a variety of sales service offered by THE BLUE INGREDIENT CO.

1. Lead Generation. We provide a collection of contact details about prospects, who have shown interest to use your brand of food ingredients or have pre-qualified their interest to discuss more details about your food ingredient. It is done by techniques like tele calling, direct mail campaigns, internet search engines, social media outreach, completing an online form, etc.

2. Appointment Setting. We put your closer(s) in front of the right people to seal the deal. Our experienced team uses the tele-script, made with choice of right words to convert maximum prospects into confirming appointment requests.

3. Inside Sales. We place experienced sales staff at your office location and execute sales call through tele-calling services. These salespeople are ideally suited for customer segments, where actual closing of sales would not require a face-to-face meeting with the customer.

4. Outside Sales. Our outside sales team becomes your sales force with direct supervision by you or your sales supervisor. We can penetrate complex markets, develop new markets or grow market share in existing markets. Our sales team are trained to clearly determine the needs, overcome concerns and close more sales.

5. Trade Show Leads Follow-up. Stop spending lakhs of rupees in tradeshows without getting closed deals. Give us the raw, unqualified tradeshow leads and our team shall qualify them and get them into your sales pipeline. Let your sales manager spend his precious time closing deals.



Apart from the a-la-carte sales services mentioned above, we also customize our sales solutions and exclusive our sales team to meet the exact specification of your business. As our enterprise customer, you shall enjoy all our activities being done under the banner of your organisation and all employee identification, emails, social media accounts being so operated.

Contact us to know how we can customize our services to meet your specific requirements.


We are a team of experts in Food Technology, Business Management and Workforce Planning, with the passion to achieve results for our clients. We connect global expertise of food ingredient manufacturers with the best practices of food manufacturers. We offer various consultancy services to our client namely the management, strategic, new product development, marketing research, sales and business development, human resource planning and many more. For enquiries, please write to

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