How to Start a Start-up?

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How to Start a Start-up


  1. LIVE IN THE FUTURE, ahead of time
    FIND WHAT IS MISSING in the world
    WRITE IT DOWN and bounce ideas around
  2. make a PROTOTYPE
    SHOW the prototype to 100 people
    ITERATE ON prototype untill it makes sense
  3. find a CO-FOUNDER
    REGISTER you company
    look for FUNDING, mostly from Family and Friends
  4. LAUNCH so everyone knows you have made something
    FOLLOWUP with USERS. Are they coming back?
    get to 1,000 USERS (OR launch AGAIN until users stay)
  5. GROW 5% a week (hard, but possible)
    KEEP GROWING for 4 years, to reach 10 Lakh users
    SUCCESS !!!

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