How to make Brownies at Home - ft. Sonia Badhwar

Love for brownies will never gonna end . Nowadays bakers are coming up with multiple flavours of brownies be it , red velvet, Oreo cookies, chocochip, cheesecake brownies, but for me and my clients prefer classic ultimate gooey chocolate brownies .

Bakers struggle with the correct temperature, ingredients and tips and tricks to get that crinkle top and gooey centre . Let’s start baking this super delicious chocolate brownies with crinkle top at the comfort of our home .

Ultra delicious Brownies :

This recipe yields 1 -1/2 kg . Approximately

375 gm: butter( I have used 350 gm)
375 gm: dark chocolate 46% or 50% (cocoa content)or even more if you wish (I have used 350 gm chocolate)
500 gm sugar (I have used 430) gm
1/2 tsp salt
225 gm flour
6 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence

Method :

1) Melt butter and chocolate in a double boiler. Make sure your chocolate bowl does not touch the water in the pan .
2) Once melted , mix it and let it cool down a bit, 👉🏻🌟secret is here for that shine and crinkle top: meanwhile whisk eggs and sugar . Just whisk for 2 minutes
3)Pour your egg mixture in the cooled chocolate and give a good mix for 2 minutes not more , we don’t want to add in too much of air . You’ll see the mix leaving the sides of the pan while mixing ... that means it’s time to stop mixing .
4) add vanilla and salt
5) add sieved flour and just fold the mixture slowly . Don’t over mix.
6) pour in your baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake for 20to 25 minutes at 180* temperature. Check with your oven settings.
7) Once baked insert a toothpick and check , if it comes out with few crumbs and chocolate it’s done . ( don’t get Panicky it’ll get harden up once it cools down)
8)If you see a rise in your brownies while baking no worries it’ll settle down on cooling .
9)Don’t leave your brownies unattended
10) Brownies tend to cook in their residual heat . Let the brownies set , preferably overnight or minimum 5 hrs . Then slice them as per your liking


Featuring our "Circle of Bakes" Member

Sonia Badhwar

Here’s where chocoholics could stumble upon Sonia Badhwar’s desserts and just might end up thanking their lucky stars. No fancy store here or a highly impressive menu and not even a fleet of sous chefs. Just simple, home baked and delicious dessert without a trace of fake. She bakes because she loves to and doesn’t believe in advertising so chances are you’ll probably not find her listed under the city’s chocolatiers.

And Sonia seems to have nailed the art of brownie making. Her baking goes by the name of "The Baker’s Gallery" since 2009 and on order you can get everything from brownies to assorted truffle chocolates, caramel custard to puddings, cookies, cupcakes, muffins and cakes in flavours as seductive as choco-orange, peach, raspberry and more. A nice gift or a treat for special occasions and otherwise.

Her recipes are a combination of years of reading , researching and experimenting—

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The Baker’s Gallery is on-board with Zomato . Delhi


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