How does Re-seller Program work?

How does Re-seller Program work?

How does Re-seller Program work?

  1. Register an Account: by filling up an online application form and details therein.
  2. Top Up Credit: start with as low as ₹15,000/- and refer TOPUP table for bonuses.
  3. Receive a Starter Kit: which will contain an assortment of all our products & brochures
  4. Promotion & Demo: to your customers and with our ingredients in recipe
  5. Customer Orders: which you can fulfill from your inventory or new order.
  6. Repeat Sale: based on customer's monthly requirement and inventory plan. 

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  • Roopa

    Hi, I am interested in home baking and what to have a home bakery of my own sometime. I saw your ad on facebook, can you share some more details about the reseller program. Thanks so much in advance.

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