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Do you remember the tin of Cadbury's Cocoa Powder, which your mom used to pull down from the cupboard to make chocolate milkshakes at home? Those days, Cadbury's Cocoa were the first choice in market, isnt it? And today, they are not the only ones available and cocoa powders come in various flavour, colour and pH levels.

Further, there is more to cocoa than just the two basic varieties, namely Natural and Alkalized (Dutch Process). Infact, our company sells more than five types of alkalized cocoa powder that are taste-tested by a 'panel of experts' and based on the flavour they carry and colour they impart to your product.

Firstly, lets briefly explore the difference between natural and alkalized cocoa. Natural cocoa is basically the solid unsweetened chocolate (baker's chocolate) that's had most of its fat removed before being ground to powder. Whereas, alkalized cocoa is natural cocoa that has been treated with alkalizing agent to lower its acidity and to allow its pure chocolate flavour to shine through.

This difference in acidity means that they cannot be interchanged in your recipe. Apart from the colour and flavour that it imparts, the main difference in baking is that of leavening. If you are using baking soda as levener and there is nothing else acidic in the recipe, then natural cocoa powder is your choice because its acidity will neutralize the base in baking soda to produce CO2 bubbles and rise in the oven.

Alternatively, if your recipe includes baking powder that is already a balanced (acid/base), cocoa powder plays a little role in leavening process and more for its flavour.

I am getting a bit deep here on the food tech front, I know; hang in there. I just wanted to set the stage for a proposal to you.

Here it is... We are business associate for OLAM Cocoa Powders and I believe, that your esteemed organisation would be using cocoa powders in your recipe? If so, lets get in touch and help me understand your operations and requirements.

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