Can you really cut down Sugar and Fat in your product recipes?

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Food is not just part of our life; its a choice of our lifestyle, and "Healthy Nutrition" is on everyone's mind.

Even the WHO guidelines recommends to reduce intake of free sugar to less thank 10% of total energy intake. Scientific evidence shows that

  • adults who consume less sugar have low body weight.
  • an increase in amount of sugar in your diet is associated with weight increase.
  • high fat intakes are habitually accompanied by increased saturated fat, cholesterol and energy density.
  • moderate dietary fat intake, in addition to diet rich in refined carbohydrates can raise risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke. 

On the other hand, a variety of studies from James W. Anderson including more than 200,000 people indicates strong negative association between fiber intake and obesity.

  • High fiber consumption reduces risk of weight gaining / developing of obesity by approximately 30%

So, why am I talking about dietary fibers today?
We are business associates of CFF GmbH & Co KG, which is one of the largest fiber producers worldwide and I can represent them for your esteemed organisation. They offer a range of Fibers and Fiber Blends with their brand SANACEL®

As a Food Technologist, are you looking for below benefits in your product recipe?

  1. Clean Labeling without E number
  2. Allergen Free / Sugar Free Food
  3. EFSA recognized health claim 
  4. Breads and Cakes - extended freshness
  5. Cookies - reduced breakage
  6. Frozen Food - improved freeze-thaw stability
  7. Cakes - fat replacement
  8. Sauces & Dressings - increased viscosity
  9. Spices & Powdered Products - enhanced flow-ability
  10. Cream & Chocolate Fillings - higher baking stability
  11. Yogurt & Curd - reduced syneresis
  12. Beverages - E number free thickener

Having personally known the benefits of these fibers and how your consumers can benefit, I would recommend it to be worth your consideration!!

Is there anything I can be of more information? If so, please feel free to reach me out and I shall make it as simple for you!


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