Calling Home Bakers : #BakeInBlack Contest

Oreo Cookies, the best in class and with remarkably black coloured biscuits were introduced to Indian Market by Cadbury India in 2011.  This event marked the beginning of our country’s love for Bake in Black!!

Since then, India has also seen growth of Home Baking Enthusiasts, who follow their passion for baking remarkable products at home.  Such passion generally starts with liking to bake as a stressbuster or need to serve kids with healthy nutrition.  It then becomes more interesting, when their family and friends start appreciating such brilliance, to encourage it as a profession.  With the cleanliness of home kitchens, offered personalisation and use of healthy, natural and safe ingredients, the word soon spreads.  Our Home Bakers now start getting commercial orders of birthday cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc. from among friend of friends and extended families.

The major hurdle in getting the oreo-like elegant and black colour in the bakery was removed in 2018 when FSSAI, the regulatory body of India increased the permitted alkalinity of ash in Cocoa Powder.  This allowed high quality Dutch-processed, alkalized Cocoa Products to now be made available for the Indian customers.

However, it has been about 2 years now and still not much of high quality Extra Dark Cocoa is made available to Home Bakers, because most of the imported & even locally produced Cocoa gets reserved by large corporate baking companies with their forward contracts.  It is frustrating for a Baking Enthusiast, who is so brilliant in their art of baking that not much is being done about it.  After all, there is a saying by Neil Gaiman “The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.”

At Blue Ingredients, we understand how it feels and have launched Extra Dark Cocoa Powder in small packing of 100g and 700g. This is a Dutch-processed, unsweetened, high alkalized Cocoa Powder and is processed in India, with use of raw materials from West African sources. To add convenience, we have listed the product on our online portal (click here), Amazon (click here) and Flipkart (click here).  Since its launch, this product has now been tested by hundreds of customers and many have given positive reviews on our Instagram (click here), Facebook (click here) and WhatsApp groups.

We now invite you to be part of our #BakeInBlack Challenge…

All you got to do is,

  • Prepare a baked product, using High Alkalized Cocoa Powder
  • Take some brilliant pics of it.
  • Upload you pics on Instagram or Facebook
  • Tag #BakeInBlack #BlueIngredients and #EnjoyBakingAtHome

    We shall shortlist the participants based on photo creativity, originality of idea and likes received from peers on Instagram and Facebook. 10 Lucky winners will receive a Surprise Gift!!

    If your present brand of Cocoa Powder is not giving you the desired Black Colour, you can try with our 100g Extra Dark Cocoa Powder, with Free Delivery from this Link >> (Click Here)

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    After you have done the above steps, you will feel satisfied that you took the right decision and transformed yourself into a SMART BAKER.

    Happy Baking!!

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    • Parul Bhimani

      Where I will participate for this contest?

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