8 Tips for more B2B Sales

B2B selling is a high-stake game that requires entirely unique approach to succeed. When rightly done, it has the potential to be extremely lucrative as well as profoundly rewarding. Applying the below account-based selling tips, more B2B sales can be closed right away.

1. Skip the front liners

In most businesses, the frontlines of buying are set to their buyers and purchase managers. They however, are rather not qualified for any buying decision. Most successful B2B salespeople skip these folks and go straight to the real decision maker.

No matter how convenient or comfortable it may feel, donโ€™t waste your time developing relationship with buyers or purchase managers. Instead, sell only to the high-level stake holders who have the power and budget to say โ€˜yesโ€™.

2. Sell the business results and outcomes

Your product or service is of no interest to the businesses. All they are interested in are the results and outcomes you can help them achieve.

Pitching the benefits and features of your product alone, no longer works in closing B2B sales. To dominate your competition, you need to focus on selling tangible bottom-line business results.

3. Your value proposition should be crystal clear

You should be prepared to quickly and clearly articulate your value proposal, especially when selling to multi-million-dollar business. The sales pitch goes down the gutter, when the salesperson fails to clarify what sets them apart from competition and what value they bring to the clients who buy from them.

Scripting and memorizing the value proposal, so you can rattle them off at any given moment, is the key to success for B2B salesperson. This key to winning over the big business will help you close more profitable sales than ever before.

4. Meet the decision maker face-to-face

We spoke about skipping the frontlines, now with the decision maker always sell them in person whenever humanly possible. Think of booking a flight, boarding a train, every driving few hours or whatever possible to get a face-to-face meeting with decision maker of every client.

When you are selling high end products or services, you must go that extra mile to meet your prospect and it surely requires such serious investments. The difference between closing or losing a sale can be the difference of this quick trip.

5. Hold on to your premium pricing

All your client really cares about is the value you provide and results you help them achieve; not too much about the price. At lower selling price, you will only attract prospects who canโ€™t afford to invest in valuable solutions.

To see the dramatic improvement, hold on to your premium pricing and watch closing bigger sales more often and with better prospects too.

6. Discover challenges by digging deeper

Always seek to deeply understand whatโ€™s going on at the client you are selling to. What are the key problem areas? How much does the problem cost? How much it costs on yearly basis?

It is simple as that. The better answers you can provide to these questions, better you can propel your B2B selling strategy to be more lucrative than you can imagine.

7. Every B2B proposal should have at least 3 options

If you do the mistake of only offering one option in your proposal to a B2B client, the decision maker is exponentially more likely to shop around for other options, better prices and different services.

Instead give him at least three options, let him choose which one fits their budget and best addresses their needs. Surprising will be for you to see, how many clients will go for the priciest option.

8. Keep check on your emotions

It is tough to sell to B2B clients and is even tougher when you deal directly with powerful decision makers at those clients.

The best tip in successful closure of B2B sales is to stay calm, donโ€™t be intimidated and donโ€™t take it too personally. If the client senses that you are scared or nervous, itโ€™s over.


Understanding the importance of selling as a learnable skill in a high-stake B2B sale, a strong need is established for a trainer and coach for your sales team. Such a coach can work on a framework to suit your companyโ€™s specific need. Defined and measurable goals can be achieved with continual training and coaching.


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