3 Tips to Stop Fruits or Chips from Sinking in Cake

Blueberry Muffins were the first thing I learnt to bake and in that first attempt, I ended up with a dense pool of blueberries at the bottom of the paper-cup !!

Isn't it frustrating when you find that the fruits, dryfruits or chocolate pieces have sunk to the bottom, after you had put so much of effort in making the delicious cake? Fear not - here are some tips to stop fruit-sinking in cakes.

Dried fruits tend be "slippery" in cake batter because they have a light coating of vegetable oil on surface.  Whereas, whole glace (candied) cherries are just too large and will surely sink in batter

1. Smaller Pieces

You will need to halve or even quarter the large pieces, to prevent them from sinking.  For firmer fresh fruits like apple, cut them into thin slices or into small dices.  Additionally, follow below tips too.. 


2. Baking Powder

Prior to adding fruit cake batter, sprinkle a little bit of baking powder across the base of the cake pan (tin or over the parchment paper).  During baking, this baking powder will do the trick to create some pressure from bottom and avoid fruit-sinking


3. Flour Coating

Take a small scoop of flour (less from the recipe quantity to avoid too much flour addition) and toss it over all the dried fruits or chocolate chips.  Formation of a coat-like layer is important to allow its better distribution across the batter.  Then, add the coated fruits to cake batter.


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